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    My photographic collection was inspired by my grandfather,    the late Jack Ramsay, giving rise to a compilation of   unique perspectives from two generations. The photographs     capture regions of the United States and beyond, including Texas, Key West, Costa Rica, Hawaii and other intriguing locations.

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RR Crossing
Century Plant
Regular Gas Pump
Tall Gas Pump
Lone Chimney
Red Flower
Gray Schoolhouse
Windmill Moon
La Paz Forest, Costa Rica
Costa Rica Torch
Eiffel Tower Paris, France
Paris View from Notre Dame Cathedral 1
Paris View from Notre Dame Cathedral 2
Hawaiian Tiki Statues
Speed Limit Lava Flow, Hawaii
Fence Steps
Key West Chapel Door
Garden of Painted Church, Hawaii
Night Windmill
Gazing Horses
Winter River 1
Pololu Valley, Hawaii 1
Pololu Valley, Hawaii 2
Orosi, Costa Rica Trail
Tree-End Track
View of Sacre-Coeur from Notre Dame (Paris)
Red Cacti
Grazing Cows
Wheat Farmhouse
Goliad Tree
Trans-Pecos Fence-Line
Western Gate
Flock of Sheep
Mountain Silhouette
Morning Glory
Palm Tree Nights
Pelican Sunset, Costa Rica
Sunset Windmill 1
Sunset Windmill 2
La Paz Gardens, Costa Rica
Yellow Flower
Sunset Fence-Line
Sky on Fire
Yellow-Sky Windmill
No Parking Lava Flow, Hawaii
Land of Sand
Land of Sand 2
Night Mountain Clouds
Goliad, Texas Farm
Texas Rainbow
Winter River 2
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica
Blue-Sky Fence
Green Mountains 1
Green Mountains 2
Golden Fence-Line
Autumn River
Gated Drive
RR Track
Irazu, Costa Rica Volcano
Poas, Costa Rica Pathway
Water Fan
Frosted Berries
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica Crocodile Eyes
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica Lazy Crocodile
Guinness Time Oxford
Hotel Nacional, Mexico
El Vaquero, Mexico
Kohler Grocery, Goliad, Texas


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